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We Know Because We Go

Brewing the right coffee specifications for  our Members

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Wake Up to Ethically Sourced Coffees

After describing where we source our coffee and the journey it takes to reach your cup, our final story will focus on the social impact that our sourcing makes. You may be wondering how coffee creates a positive effect in our world. Well, our partners at Fair Trade USA helped us answer this question. Together, we expanded our Fair Trade Certified™ selection to include 11 ground and whole bean coffee varieties from our own brand, Wellsley Farms.

Fair Trade Certified

What Is Fair Trade?

From farms all over the world to the products in-Club, the Fair Trade Certified logo attests that growers in developing countries receive fair-minded prices for their harvests. Not only do these farmers receive fair prices, but also our partnership helps them to build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.

How It Works

As part of the partnership, we agreed to buy from certified farms and organizations, pay fair trade prices and premiums, and submit to rigorous supply chain audits. This process entails a high level of transparency and traceability the Fair Trade USA global supply chains, but it’s totally worth it!

coffee plants

We worked with Fair Trade USA in choosing the farmers from countries that grow our bean of choice: Arabica. These locations include: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Sumatra and Costa Rica (where BJ’s Coffee Buyer Melissa O’Brien is pictured surrounded by coffee cherry plants).

“With coffee farmers typically not having much land to support their entire family, by sourcing fair trade, we’re increasing the amount of money the farmers are receiving to help improve their social, economic and environmental conditions,” said Scott Williams, Assistant Vice President of Quality Assurance and Environmental Stewardship for BJ’s Wholesale Club. “Sourcing Fair Trade Certified ensures us that we will have a constant supply of quality coffee for years to come. Fair trade allows farmers and their families to stay on the farm and not have to leave and search for better economic opportunities.” (Scott, pictured on the right, is in front of the Brazilian Fair Trade Co-Op that the local farmers belong to.)


The Impact

On top of the fair trade price, farmers also receive a premium, which provides additional funding for them to use to build schools, purchase medical supplies or use as they see fit for their communities. We have already talked to farmers in Brazil who will be able to hire an agronomist to help them farm smarter, and purchase some light equipment to better harvest the higher quality beans we need.

Wellsley Farms Fair Trade Certified Assortment

coffee varieties

Whole Bean Coffee

  • Organic Sumatra Estate, 40 oz.
  • Espresso Blend, 40 oz.
  • Guatemalan French Roast, 40 oz.
  • Costa Rican, 40 oz.
  • Colombian Supremo, 40 oz.

Ground Coffee

  • Decaffeinated Blend, 40 oz.
  • Breakfast Blend, 40 oz.
  • Colombian Ground, 40 oz.
  • Organic Peruvian, 32 oz.
  • Hazelnut Flavored, 32 oz.
  • French Vanilla Flavored, 32 oz.

“BJ’s Wholesale Club is not only a company that offers high-quality coffee, it’s also a company with a uniquely authentic commitment to the people who grow it,” said Jennifer Gallegos, Director of Coffee at Fair Trade USA. “This is even more apparent with the introduction of their Wellsley Farms line, making BJ’s the first major retailer to shift their own brand’s coffee varieties to Fair Trade Certified.”

When It Comes to Great-Tasting Coffee, We Know Beans

We work hard to ensure it’s always easy to brew a great cup of Wellsley Farms coffee.

We Know Because We Go

There’s a travel tale in every superior sip of Wellsley Farms Coffee. See how far we go to guarantee quality.

There’s a Story Behind Our Coffees

Watch our video to learn the great story behind Wellsley Farms coffee.

Q&A with Scott Williams

AVP, Quality Assurance & Environmental Stewardship


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