Dr. Jeremy Tarlow is a certified veterinarian who received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois and has been consulting pet owners on nutrition since 2012. BJ’s works with Dr. Tarlow to ensure that the quality of our Berkley Jensen pet food and treats provide the nutrition your pet needs to live a long, healthy life.


Tip #1 – Nutrition

According to Dr. Jeremy Tarlow, “One of the keys to a pet’s good health is a balanced, natural diet that consists of quality ingredients.” Look for dog food without any added filler such as corn, wheat or soy, and try to avoid artificial colors, dyes and preservatives. Most importantly, fresh meat or meat “meals” should be first on the list of ingredients.

Tip #2 – Exercise

The old saying is true – a tired dog is a happy dog. So make sure your pet receives adequate exercise every day – whether you’re taking them to a dog park or for a walk around the block. If you follow this advice and focus on proper nutrition, Dr. Jeremy Tarlow says, “Your pets will thank you and more importantly, will lead active, healthy lives.”

Tip #3 – Training

Keep training! With the help of Berkley Jensen training treats, you can absolutely teach an old dog new tricks. Veterinarian Dr. Jeremy Tarlow recommends our Berkley Jensen Soft & Chewy Chicken Bites and Grain Free Pork & Berry Links because, “They have no filler ingredients like corn, wheat or soy – making them a great training reward for your pet.”

Tip #4 – Relaxation

Give your dog a comfortable bed that they can retreat to – it’s important that they have their own space for relaxing. BJ’s has plenty of options for pet beds and more. Shop in-Club and see which choice is the best fit for your dog.