The concept of what constitutes a “snack” has evolved, and Greek yogurt can replace — often to the benefit of one’s diet — the usual quick fixes for sweet cravings and pick-me-ups. Instead of a candy bar or late-night snack, try a Chobani® Flip™: high-protein, low-fat yogurt with a mix-in side of crunchy, flavor-rich goodies. Instead of an empty-calorie sugar-sweetened beverage or chalky protein supplement, try a Chobani® Greek yogurt drink: a smooth, sippable Greek yogurt beverage.

What’s more — when committing to a full-on dietary overhaul feels daunting—incorporating Greek yogurt into your favorite meals is an easy first step. The idea of putting yogurt in savory food may seem strange at first. But by swapping calorie-dense ingredients (like mayonnaise, butter or sour cream) for natural, more nutrient-dense ones (like Greek yogurt), you can eat the foods you love and reap greater health benefits simultaneously. With Greek yogurt, you can make dressings smooth and creamy, breads and cakes ultra-moist, and dips lighter and packed with protein. You can put something good in, and get something better out.

If you’re not sure how to use Greek yogurt in your favorite recipes, try some of the ones we’ve perfected below.