Having a newborn at home can be scary, but never fear, you are ready. Here are three super tips to help you get through the toughest situations:

  • Babies don’t always sleep when they’re tired. Look out for signs that your baby is tired and put them in their crib before they get overly sleepy. Look out for clenched fists, yawning, eye rubbing, jerky movements or pulling their ears.
  • Beware the germs. Practice smart germ control by insisting that anyone who holds your new baby wash their hands.
  • Laundry tips. Your baby’s skin may be sensitive to chemicals in new clothing or to soap and detergent left on clothes after laundering. Wash all new clothes and linens before your baby uses them. Do your infant’s wash separately from your other laundry. Use a gentle detergent and a thorough rinse cycle.