Protect Your Eyes from Technology

In recent years we have begun to expose ourselves to higher levels of blue light due to the increased use of technology. The display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light.

Why is this important? While blue light has some health benefits, it can also create some health problems. Among these are:

  • Blue light can contribute to age-related macular degeneration. Left untreated, this condition can lead to blindness.
  • Blue light may trigger the creation of serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer. In some cases, this is a healthy benefit. However, for people who use their smartphones and computers before bed, too much serotonin can cause sleepless nights by signaling the body to be awake and alert.
  • Blue light contributes to digital eye strain due to overuse of technology. Over time, eye strain can cause dryness and general discomfort.

Clear Blue Filter Lenses Now Available at BJ’s Optical®

The good news is, there is a solution. New developments in the eyeglass lens market filter blue light to minimize exposure and alleviate many of the symptoms it causes.

Stop into your local BJ’s Optical to find out how you can protect your eyes from blue light with Clear Blue Filter Lenses.