In his previous career as a highly successful corporate salesman, Glenn turned to cooking as a way to relax. What started as a hobby later developed into a passion (and full-blown career) – and eventually became his own company, GCooks.

His cooking expertise led him to provide personal Chef services to NBA Champion LeBron James. Not bad for a self-taught cook! Today, Chef Glenn creates meal plans for a roster of pro-athlete clients that includes Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Steve Smith, NASCAR Cup Champion Jeff Gordon and Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte.

when it comes to grilling and barbecue,
chef glenn is an expert

Chef Glenn utilizes his cooking skills to create exclusive recipes just for BJ’s Members – concentrating on delicious homemade meals. He is passionate about empowering people to create healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy. And when it comes to grilling and barbecue, Chef Glenn is an expert.

Nutrition is important to Chef Glenn and he truly embodies his slogan “Like You Mean It!” Whether it’s the way you eat or cook, Chef Glenn recognizes the importance of quality ingredients, which is why he is a huge proponent of BJ’s Wellsley Farms. See what Chef Glenn had to say about some of his favorite Wellsley Farms items below.