Entertaining Tips — whether you are having the whole team over or just a few friends, here are some tips to make your game day.

Lime Guide Playbook
One lime will get you eight bottle-ready wedges. So when you pick up a case of beer, remember to grab three limes. It’s the perfect game day companion for your cold cerveza.

Pop Off for Kickoff
You can’t drop the lime without popping the cap, so remember to have a bottle opener at the ready. And if you have a big team over for the game, then have an extra on hand. Beach rules — one opener per cooler.

Kick Off Your Shoes for Kickoff
The worst part about the beach is when you drag the sand indoors. So, have a place where everyone can kick off their shoes when they arrive. It will make the game watching experience much more enjoyable. Not to mention the cleanup.

Garbage Time
Make sure people know where to ditch the trash to keep the game flow intact.

Lime In, Remote Down
Don’t let the visiting team adjust the view. Keep the remote in your back pocket to keep the home field advantage.