You don’t have to make everything from scratch. Give party food from the Club a Halloween makeover with these creative touches. Visit to order online.


Slice a Wellsley Farms 3-Foot Italian Hero Sub (order online) into 10 to 12 pieces. Arrange on a platter, offsetting each slice to form the curves of the snake. Snip ends of two red pepper strips to form forked tongue. Insert into first piece, allowing it to overhang the bread. Attach two black pearl olive eyes with toothpicks and serve immediately.


Slice 2" off top of pepper; set aside for Monster Veggie Platter (below). Scoop out seeds and arrange pepper on bowl of Wellsley Farms Hummus, cut-side down. Seed a second pepper and cut into strips, lengthwise. Cut 4 strips in half and arrange around first pepper to form the octopus’ arms. Use cream cheese to glue two black pearl olive slices near top of first pepper to form the eyes.