Mobil Oil

1. Resolve to get your vehicle in shape

First things first, check and change your oil regularly. A great option for keeping your engine running like new in even the harshest conditions is Mobil 1™ motor oil. If your vehicle has over 75,000 miles, it might be worth considering a high-mileage synthetic, such as Mobil 1™ High Mileage. These products contain engine oil additives and conditioners that help to combat leaks, sludge and general wear and tear.

BJ’s offers a variety of quality options — including advanced products like Mobil Super™ Synthetic — at prices that make it easy to maintain your vehicle.

Idling Car

2. Resolve to stop idling

It’s a myth that you need to let your vehicle idle to warm it up before leaving the driveway on cold mornings. In fact, experts say the best way to heat your engine is simply to drive at a moderate speed until your engine temperature gauge says the engine is warm. Not only is this better for your car, it’s better for the environment. Idling is a big contributor to carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. Want another incentive? You’ll save money, too — idling just 5 minutes can cost you over $40 at the pump every year.

Cartoon Man and Car

3. Resolve to chill out and enjoy the ride.

2017 is the year to pump the brakes on aggressive driving and speeding. According to the experts at Green Living, these bad driving habits can increase fuel consumption by as much as 35%. So, resolve to give yourself more time to reach your destination, pre-plan your routes to avoid traffic aggravations and slow down. You’ll save fuel, lower your emissions and arrive at your destination in a good mood.