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And it was never a decision we took lightly! Our most recent family addition, Astro, was a decision we had to make fast. His litter had been found in Mississippi and their photos were posted on Facebook on a Thursday. I tagged my husband, Cassidy, in the post as I normally do when I see cute dogs that need a home, but he was in Belize at the time. He saw my tag the following Monday and was on the phone with the rescue organization within minutes! We had to make a fast decision and then wait 2-3 weeks until we could pick up our puppy. And we needed every minute of that time to prepare our home!


In our case, we decided to surprise our kids on the day of the puppy adoption, so the preparation fell squarely on our shoulders. That said, it’s a big decision. It’s a wonderful decision, but a big one. We have now adopted three pets that we feel really fit our home and our lifestyles. That’s because for the most part, we did our homework before Athena, Juniper, and Astro came home. And our kids are young and loved being surprised, but a big tip would be to make sure everyone in the household is on board with the decision, and then the next steps – responsibilities, care, training, etc. This is important!


Here are our top ten tips we’ve learned about adopting a new pet: