While many guys have their lucky jersey or a pair of socks that they wear for each game, in the hopes that it will bring their team a win, many of them don’t work personal care and better hygiene into their game-day traditions. Supplying guys with the right kind of products to keep them fresh and fragrant will help them remain cool, collected and confident till that final, game-winning touchdown.

Here are a few recommended products we want to pass on, so that guys can work them into their college football rituals and feel extra fresh for game day.



One of the easiest ways for a guy to feel confident and ready for kickoff is by working a thorough shower into his game-day traditions. Make sure he has the right products in there to help him turn out his best, like Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash. This body and face wash is infused with MICROMOISTURE technology, which cleanses and helps hydrate for healthier, stronger skin and protects against dryness and irritation. This effective formula will deliver an extra-refreshing dose of total skin comfort.