Whether you’re a man who already lives this way or you’re looking for guidance on how to show even more strength and care, here are some reminders on how some dads are being great role models to those little eyes that look up to them.


Many fathers don’t take the time to care for their appearance as they put the needs of their family above themselves. Dom Viglione, retired category merchant for BJ’s Wholesale Club, probably said it best when he first became a parent, “My whole concept of caring changed. It became all about them.”

Caring for your personal grooming and health is important because it shows confidence. It also tells your children that when they dress for themselves, they can grow up to be comfortable with who they are.

It doesn’t matter if you wear business or casual attire, find a way to make your daily clothing something you actually enjoy wearing. Besides dressing the part, buy personal care products that make you feel clean and refreshed, too. Taking care of your personal grooming and health is an easy way to demonstrate good hygiene to your kids. Plus, once you’re feeling good about your appearance, think of all you could accomplish with that newfound self-assurance.


Chores that were once viewed as “mom” duties are now stereotypes of the past. Changing diapers, packing lunches, styling hair and even rocking kids to sleep are becoming new “dad” duties.

Completing tasks like this cannot tarnish your manhood. In fact, it can only strengthen it. These duties are the perfect time to bond with your child and start a lifelong close relationship. Plus, it helps give Mom some peace of mind, too.